Update 7 - The Physics Update

Indev Update 7 - The Physics Update has just been released!

This is a gigantic update released for Super Bandonio Bros that has a complete player physics re-write and overhaul! 

In order to make The Super Bandonio Bros more playable we thought it was necessary to re-write and overhaul Bandonio's physics to move a lot more smoothly in the worlds he's explored.


  • Major Physics Overhaul. Players can now move, duck, jump, sprint, swim and climb ladders!
  • Added local-play Co-Op Mode! Added Campaign Solo, Campaign Co-Op and Arena modes to Super Bandonio Bros.
  • Added locks to levels that are now locked until you complete each subsequent level.
  •  Added access to the Guide Inventory by using either the Left Mouse Button/Right Mouse Button.
  • Added a confirmation pop-up when selecting the 'Quit' Button on the minigames selection screen.
  • Added the ability for the second player to collect Coins, Collectables and gain Item Entries.
  • Added Death Animation.
  • Added level information that is available upon hover within region select.
  • Added new Stats: Time Played, Times Died.


  • Changes to Coin Collecting System has been re-created to allow re-visiting to previous levels.
  • Changes to 'Close' to 'Quit' on the Minigames selection screen menu. (Suggested by play-tester)
  • Changes to 'Quit' function on Minigames selection screen menu can now be triggered by using either the Left Mouse Button/Right Mouse Button.
  • Changes to slight graphics on the minigames selection screen menu.
  • Changes to Super Bandonio Bros Main Menu.
  • Changes to block breaking to have higher durability.
  • Changes to block breaking where the destroy [LMB] button can be clicked or held.
  • Changes to how time is measured to be more accurate.
  • Changes to co-ordinates system to how players respawn upon death.
  • Changes to the Skin Shop how it handles players location within world.
  • Changes to Level 1.
  • Changes to Level 2.
  • Changes to debug menu.


  • Optimized texture buffer to improve game performance.


  • Removed annoying message popups.
  • Removed unused debug functions


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Nov 21, 2018

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