Update 8 - 8.1 New Levels and Enemies Update

Update 8 - 8.1

•    Added copyright information.

Minigames Selection Screen;

•    Remastered the Minigames Selection Screen
•    Added hover event to quit trigger.

•    Upon Quit, the options are now vertically placed than horizontally placed.

Super Bandonio Bros:

•    Added World 1 Level 3.
•    Added two enemies! Egghead Blue, Egghead Orange.
•    Added Darker Grass Blocks: Dark Grass Left, Dark Grass Middle, Dark Grass Right.
•    Added: Animated Short Grass.
•    Added particle effect after picking up Coins.
•    Added animation to hilldrop2.
•    Added Day and Night cycle to Level 2.
•    Added Puzzle section to Level 2.

•    Fixed an issue causing The Super Bandonio Bros main menu to not be scaled appropriately.
•    Fixed an issue were selecting Campaign, quitting and starting Co-Op Mode does not spawn the second player.                         
•    Fixed an issue were selecting Campaign or Co-Op Mode, then selecting the opposite option causes the player spawn system to not update its flags.    
•    Fixed an issue were selecting Arena Mode puts the game in soft-lock - The game now shows an error message.
•    Fixed an issue were selecting Quit defaults to Campaign Mode and starts a new game. - The game now quits to the mini-games selection screen instead

•    Fixed an issue were deaths were not counted in Level 1 and Level 2.
•    Increased performance when selecting a game-mode in Super Bandonio Bros Main Menu.                                    

Cheetahmen Trilogy

•    You can now access the Cheetahmen Trilogy from Action 69's Main Menu.
•    Ported Cheetahmen introductory cut-scene.
•    Ported Cheetahmen's Level 1.
•    Added an accurate representation of the Cheetahmen's character models with animations.


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Nov 27, 2018

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