Update 8.2 Splitscreen Support

Indev Update 8.2:

Mini-games Selection Menu

  • Remastered mini-games selection menu for the classic feel.
  • Improved texture buffer to improve game performance. (The Super Bandonio Bros now uses 3x less memory).

Super Bandonio Bros:

  • Added Objectives: You can now see your objectives in-game!
  • Added the ability to see where you can destroy/place blocks.
  • Added Split-screen camera to Co-Op Mode. (Dev Note: Speed-running levels cannot be played in Co-Op Mode and will revert to Single-player, and then vice-versa. Once a Co Op game has started it will always be in Co-Op).
  • Added Q-Points pop-up after defeating an enemy.
  • Added Q-Points pop-up after destroying Questionable Crates.
  • Updated particle effect when collecting a coin.
  • Updated textures for Questionable Crates.
  • Updated texture animations for sHillBackdrop1 and sHillBackdrop2.
  • Fixed a bug that causes the game to crash when checking collision with a 'falling block'  while the player is in the process of dying  (Major fix).
  • Fixed an issue causing Level 3 not to be playable.  (Major fix).
  • Fixed collision issues with oHillSlope.
  • Fixed an issue with the level select screen 'messin' up variables.
  • Removed rain from level 2 (temporary change).


  • Added game icon.

In update 8.3 expect to see saving and loading your game fully implemented and some work done on the Cheetahmen Trilogy.  Obviously, with some secret features here and there, but that's all folks.

Major features such as a map editor, Levels 4 and 5, Gun Shooting mechanics, Character Customization, Re-hauled Water Physics and 500 unique card system are still currently in development.


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Jun 02, 2019

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